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"White Fillings" also known as "Tooth Colored Fillings" or "Composites" match the color of your tooth and are considered very esthetic.

At Pediatric Dental Care, Dr. Karr uses only Tooth Colored Fillings to restore treated teeth. Composite restorations allow a more conservative preparation which mean less drilling and less tooth structure loss since it is bonded to the tooth.

We can also seal over the filling when clinically appropriate for further prevention of caries. They are not great for "show and tell" at school, since most people can't even see them! As a parent, you can be assured that Dr. Karr uses only materials that are BPA free.


Dr. Karr may recommend a crown for your child when a restoration is large or bordering 50% or more of the tooth structure. These crowns may also be placed for a cracked tooth or moderate-severe enamel dysplasia or decalcification. They are stainless steel in color because they provide a very strong "hat" for the tooth and reinforce the tooth for proper chewing.