Digital Radiography

Since every child is unique, the need for radiographs varies from child to child.

Radiographs help Dr. Karr see cavities between the teeth when two teeth are touching side by side, thus, helping with early detection. Radiographs also are needed to examine erupting teeth, diagnose bone diseases, evaluate results of an injury, or plan orthodontic treatment. Again, if these dental problems are found early, dental care is more comfortable and affordable.

Bite Wing

Dr. Karr uses the latest advances in dental technology including Digital Radiography, which exposes the child to 65% less of the already minimal exposure of radiation. Dr. Karr also has paperless technology software which allows her to accept films via email through a referring dentist and minimize re-exposure if radiographs are current and appropriate. Just call our office for details!

Dr. Karr may recommend a crown for your child when a restoration is large or bordering 50% or more of the tooth structure. These crowns may also be placed for a cracked tooth or moderate-severe enamel dysplasia or decalcification. They are stainless steel in color because they provide a very strong "hat" for the tooth and reinforce the tooth for proper chewing.